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Lizoc Standard Framework
Supported on dotnet standard2(Windows/Linux/OSX), provide similar interface to Google offical API.Quality and window control is supported. The library use the native runtime and its performance should be better than System.IO.Compress.BrotliStream. To support dynamic compress in web applications,add... More information
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Enhancements and utility classes for primitive types and some commonly used types in the mscorlib and System.Core libraries. Extension methods are available for string, DateTime, enum, StringBuilder, SecureString, RegEx, event handlers, random, array, Enumberable, IList, collections, stream and... More information
Syncfusion DataSource is a .NET library that allows data shaping process and manipulation operations such as sorting, grouping, summaries, filtering, and real-time updates of data when working with list view. Syncfusion SfListView for Xamarin.Forms processes data using this library. Key... More information