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  • AOP Aspects
A really simple AOP Framework. For bugs and questions: https://github.com/hcesar/SimpleAspects
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  • Aspects Unit Tests
Testeroids is a framework and a set of guidelines working in concert for great productivity in unit testing of .NET projects.
Features: * The dump output is separated from the targeted dump media by the familiar TextWriter interface * The programmer can dump the value of any type of object: primitive and enum types (including those marked with FlagsAttribute), custom classes, struct-s, collections,... More information
SNAP makes AOP easy by integrating with your favorite IoC container. SNAP does not modify compiled code (unlike PostSharp) . It uses your IoC container to create runtime-callable wrappers to intercept your method calls. Source code for SNAP is hosted at http://github.com/Acoustic/Snap
Features: * The package uses industry strong cryptographic algorithms for encryption, hashing and signing included in the .NET framework. * It is very easy to integrate with a Dependency Injection container like Unity, i.e. the behaviors are abstracted with a handful of... More information
Lets you apply aspects to your classes at runtime and build new aspects; also provides MEF integration. For more detailed information and documentation, please visit the GitHub page at http://aashishkoirala.github.io/aspects. You can find more of my stuff by visiting my page at... More information