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The Snowplow Analytics SDK for .NET lets you work with Snowplow enriched events in your .NET event processing and data modeling jobs. Use this SDK with Azure Data Lake Analytics, Azure Functions, AWS Lambda, Microsoft Orleans and other .NET-compatible data processing frameworks.
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Want a fast .net transform/mapper tool? DecepticonTransformer uses IL Emit (LCG - Lightweight Code Gen) to make fast copy of data from a type to another.
Permet de transcrire les nombres en lettres. En français uniquement. Gère les format d'affichage : standard, recommandation de 1990 et monétaire. Classe d'extension enregistré dans le namespace System. Une fois référencé, utiliser la méthode .ToWord() pour récupérer une string du nombre.
GPT-2 neural network (https://openai.com/blog/better-language-models/). GPT-2 translates text, answers questions, summarizes passages, and generates text output on a level is sometimes indistinguishable from that of humans. A .NET port of open-source artificial intelligence created by OpenAI.
Seq2SeqSharp is a tensor based fast & flexible encoder-decoder deep neural network framework written by .NET (C#). It can be used for sequence-to-sequence task, sequence-labeling task and sequence-classification task and other NLP tasks. Seq2SeqSharp supports both CPUs and GPUs. It's powered by .NET... More information