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  • Redaction Indexing
The Intellidact API provides a flexible and powerful way for .NET developers to interface with the Intellidact redaction engine via the Universal Web Service (UWS).
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  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • Sitecore Indexing
Index modular/rendered content added to a page via Sitecore Experience Editor. Determine which renderings should be indexed based on patch config. All logic broken out into Sitecore pipelines to provide customization support.
Deprecated, see Structurizer instead: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Structurizer/ PineCone takes an instance of an C# class and builds a class-schema for it. This schema is then used to extract all primitive .Net types in the object-graph using some IL-Emits and then turns this to a key-value... More information
A reusable, opinionated drop-in service for storing, indexing and managing images, useful for APIs and local applications.
LIFTI provides a simple API that allows you to build a searchable full text index. This can be useful for document retrieval or simply allowing .NET objects to be searched for by associated text.
Allows the customization of where indexes start in C#. Not only can you force Roslyn to interpret items[1] as items[0], but also items[-42] and items[1_000_000] if you want! The sky (and common sense) are the only limits!