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Google Test Adapter
Adds capability to run C++ tests written with the Google Test framework to Visual Studio. Installing this test adapter via NuGet (as compared to installation through the VS Marketplace) lacks debugging and configuration through VS Options as well as the toolbar (configuration via test settings file... More information
Scenarioo Writer Library
The scenarioo C# Writer Library helps you to produce user scenario documentations out of your UI tests, such that your project’s stakeholders can browse it through the Scenarioo webapplication. More information see http://www.scenarioo.org Details about using the scenarioo C# API see... More information
Visual Coded Task Runner
A visual automated deployment solution based on .NET languages like C# or VB.NET. If you are not ready for MS Build based deployment scripting, rather if you like to use C#/VB.NET language for coding your deployment automation, then this is the solution for you.
A simple library that provides strongly-typed access to the TFS Lab Management variables injected into automated test runs by Microsoft Test Manager. Provides helpers for parsing variables into a strongly typed objects, and retrieving Configuration information from the TFS... More information
Controllers for your Automated UI Tests. Usable with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms project, and used in every Respawnsive projets. If you need them, the source code, or explanation, feel free to contact us at contact@respawnsive.com!