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Scenarioo Writer Library
The scenarioo C# Writer Library helps you to produce user scenario documentations out of your UI tests, such that your project’s stakeholders can browse it through the Scenarioo webapplication. More information see http://www.scenarioo.org Details about using the scenarioo C# API see... More information
Syncfusion Pdf Viewer for JavaScript
The PDF viewer control is a lightweight HTML5 component that can be used for viewing, reviewing, and printing PDF documents within web applications. Key features: • High performance PDF viewer. • Any PDF document can be opened and viewed, even encrypted (password protected) documents. • Zooming... More information
Efuelite Solutions Cryptography
Efuelite Solutions Cryptography package helps developers to generate strong passwords, hashing of passwords and authentication of supplied hash passwords to be used in .Net Applications, This pacakge also encrypts and decrypts text,messages in very secure formats to be transmitted safely through any... More information