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add two normal controls: BiuButton and BiuCheckBox
ObjectListView is a .NET ListView wired on caffeine, guarana and steroids. More calmly, it is a C# wrapper around a .NET ListView, which makes the ListView much easier to use and teaches it lots of neat new tricks.
UI for Universal Windows Platform is a toolset for building Universal Windows Platform apps for the Windows Store and the enterprise. The library is designed to offer the same user experience, functionality and behavior on Windows devices of all form factors.
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Appends the rendering Unique Id to the Placeholder id for allowing a unique reference for the page renderings to attach on, default implementation only allows for a single Placeholder ID to be present on a page at one time. The extension is hidden to the ediors. Requires Sitecore... More information
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Shared Controls/Classes for Winform applications. Also requires SC.Shared.Library nuget package
XFControls is a set of Xamarin.Forms' control. Include Border / CircleBox / TabView / Flip / FontIcon / CheckBox / Radio / RaidoGroup / RaidoButtonGroup / Marquee / RatingBar / Stepper / UniformGrid / WrapLayout / Repeater etc...
EO.Wpf for .NET is a set of WPF controls. It includes a large set of commonly used controls (such as Buttons, ProgressBar, TreeView, Menu, Calendar, etc), an intuitive docking view solution and a powerful gauge framework.