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Concordion.NET is a framework for Behavior Driven Development (BDD) that enables developers, testers and business analysts to build executable specifications in free-form using plain English. A Concordion.NET active specification consists of two parts: a well-formed XHTML document describing the... More information
Firehawk is a library that helps you to configure NHibernate mapping by code conventions in a fluent and comprehensible way, providing the most standard SQL naming conventions and enabling you to create custom naming conventions.
Adds the ServerCacheAttribute to intelligently cache responses on the server side. Adds the ClientCacheAttribute to instruct the client to cache. Add the RequestJoinAttribute to deduplicate simultaneous requests.
CSOM extensions to send SMS to Single or Multiple users of your SharePoint Online Site. Select user(s) by SharePoint Group or Username/Email or SharePoint User Object or SharePoint FieldUserValue(Person or Group column value(s)). Utilizes SharePoint Add-in: SMS Gateway Connector (SMS Via SharePoint... More information