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The Wikitude Xamarin Component enables C# developers to embed an augmented reality view into their Xamarin project. One can create a fully featured app with advanced augmented reality features including * image recognition and tracking (online and on-device) * location-based augmented reality *... More information
Libsurvive is a set of tools and libraries that enable 6 dof tracking on lighthouse and vive based systems that is completely open source and can run on any device. It currently supports both SteamVR 1.0 and SteamVR 2.0 generation of devices and should support any tracked object commercially... More information
LibObjectFile is a .NET library to read, manipulate and write linker and executable object files (e.g ELF, ar, DWARF, COFF...)
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A fast and efficient forward-only reader for `Ar` archives.
Client Library for https://geoar.it/api-docs/index.html restful enpoints (Geospatial augmented reality platform) There is also a sample C# web client at https://qrmeqrcode.visualstudio.com/GeoAR.it.Public/_git/GeoARIt.Client