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SDS(Service Domain Serializer) flexible, based on service domain contract dictionary, binary serializer. Now is obsolete. We are going to present the next version of binary Serialier - TSS(TypeSetSerializer) as the part of BCL solution(look at the project sources). TSS( is 4version of SDS) is geting... More information
Echo.Net is a library designed to handle background tasks within a web or windows app in a simple, easily configurable manner.
Contains classes to help with threading programming. This library contains code from part of Wintellect's PowerThreading library https://github.com/Wintellect/PowerThreading
CsCheck is a C# random testing library inspired by QuickCheck. It differs in that generation and shrinking are both based on PCG, a fast random number generator. This gives the following advantages: - Automatic shrinking. Gen classes are composable with no need for Arb classes. So less... More information