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Thin2d is a opinioned fork of MonoGame. It is built with .NET 6 and targets multiple platform in a single package.
A .net6.0 WebApi template with classes in ddd-style. Preconfigured with Automapper, MediatR, FluentValidation, XUnit, FluentAssertations, Health Checks, JwtAuthentication, EF Core 6.0, Serilog and Swagger. Using Commands and Queries (CQRS) to distinguish between reading or modifing... More information
SoftwareDriven.PdfLib.Blazor is a blazor component with an embedded Pdf-Lib interface. Pdf-Lib is a JavaScript library for PDF creation and modification. https://pdf-lib.js.org/
The MonoGame runtime based on .NET 6+ for Android which supports Android 5.0 and newer.