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Provides functionality for simplified IO operations: * abstraction layer for all file system operations to enable TDD on file system * recursive file system commandos (move, copy, ...) * folder watcher that fires events when folder content changes * Stream decorators/interceptors... More information
Smart String Resources
Creates a class to access resx strings with named parameters and provides access to the resource keys to use with attribute-based validations. Features - Exposes resource entries format parameters as named method arguments - Exposes resource keys as constants to use in attribute-based... More information
Basic helpers with very few dependencies. EmbeddedResourceHelper EnumHelper.GetValues<TEnum> IsValidEnum EventArgs<T> DoubleHelper.IsSpecialValue CultureHelper GetCurrentCulture SetCurrentCulture GetCurrentCultureName SetCurrentCultureName KeyHelper.CreateKey
Xource - Localizing content of your MVC site with Excel spreadsheet using EPPlus The basic idea is to use Microsoft Excel worksheet as content container for MVC web sites.
Allows accessing of embedded resources in an assembly, as if they existed within the file system. This package provides a Virtual Path Provider to serve files up from embedded resources, such as scripts, images or css.