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Transforms XML from trx-Testresults to JUnit-Testresults / trx to JUnit XML
A command line tool for testing with dotnet
  • 5,147 total downloads
  • last updated 3/25/2019
  • Latest version: 1.0.112
  • dotnet testing trx
With t-rex, you can explore the results of your most recent test run. It discovers, parses, and displays the contents of .trx files.
MSTest TRX file merger
  • 2,752 total downloads
  • last updated 8/11/2016
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • TRX MSTest
TRX-Merger is a command line tool that allows you to combine multiple TRX files in a single TRX file containing all the information from the TRX files passed to it and also to generate an html report from the TRX.
  • 297 total downloads
  • last updated 10/16/2018
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • trx
console tool to convert .trx report (generated in mstest, nuni or xunit) to html report