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Sln.launcher is a dotnet tools allows you to launch Visual Studio with a .sln file from a command prompt in the current directory. In the case of several available files, the user is asked to select one.
Shared C# Project Properties
Creates "Shared.props" file at the solution level, which can be used to specify massive changes to all the projects within a solution. Example scenarios: - specify assembly signing properties using the same *.snk file - set CopyLocal to False for certain references - enforce the same StyleCop or... More information
MvsSln by: reg
[ MvsSln ] VisualStudio .sln files and its projects
MvsSln provides complex support (sln parser, r/w handlers, ...) of the Visual Studio .sln files and its projects (.vcxproj, .csproj., ...). Even if you just need the basic access to information or more complex work through our readers and writers. * You can also... More information