.NET DllExport
Open source project .NET DllExport All versions including an Offline and Nightly builds: To upgrade configured version to v1.6.3:... More information
The Signed variant of the Ude (C# port of Mozilla Universal Charset Detector) - Why not to use the ? The library above is not signed and therefore we can't sign any other lib. Because the ~signed assemblies can't use the... More information
CI.MSBuild vsSolutionBuildEvent
Event-Catcher with variety of advanced Actions for service of your projects and libraries, the build processes and processes at runtime from Visual Studio and MSBuild Tools. Official package of libraries for support of the CI /Build Servers. * ! Documentation:... More information
[ LunaRoad ] Lua C API for .NET /DLR & Lambda features
Lua C API for .NET LunaRoad represents a flexible platform to work with Lua. _ _ _ _ _ _ using(var l = new Lua<ILua51>("Lua.dll")) { /* ILua51, ILua52, ILua53, ... */ } _ _ _ _ _ _ Source code and all details here:... More information
Conari by: reg
[ Conari ] Binder of Unmanaged code for .NET
Binder of Unmanaged code for .NET The Conari engine represents flexible platform for work with unmanaged code (native C/C++ etc.): Libraries, Executable Modules, other native and binary data. Lightweight and powerful binding with any exported functions and... More information
ILAsm by: reg
[ ILAsm / ILDasm ] MS IL Assembler / IL Disassembler
This package contains executable ILAsm / ILDasm - v4.5.1 :: *v4.5.22220.0* [ Win.x86 and Win.x64 ] [ .NET Core Runtime (CoreCLR) *v1.0.4 ] `* - The base of version, i.e. it can be different from official release` _ _ _ _ _ _ Compiled... More information
MvsSln by: reg
[ MvsSln ] VisualStudio .sln files and its projects
MvsSln provides complex support (sln parser, r/w handlers, ...) of the Visual Studio .sln files and its projects (.vcxproj, .csproj., ...). Even if you just need the basic access to information or more complex work through our readers and writers. * You can also... More information
[ regXwild ] wildcards Native C/C++ & .NET
regXwild - Fast and powerful wildcards ! [ Native C/C++ and .NET ] `*,|,?,^,$,+,#,>` in addition to slow regex engine and more... This package contains both support of unmanaged and managed code for your projects. *... More information
This package contains libraries for support: * (inc. CI.MSBuild) * Please read the License.txt and files for details. ~~~~~~~~ Alternative to get it:... More information