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A simple jQuery plugin to make list of elements selectable. This plugin is in its initial release and ready to be public tested. There are a bunch of features that could be included but it was left for next updates to keep this initial version simple. The goal of Selectfy is to provide a simplistic... More information
The framework BitArray is helpful but it has a serious flaw in the fact that it is not immutable. This is the primary motivation for working on this package in order to achieve just such an ImmutableBitArray. Reflexive operations can modify an instance but otherwise bitwise operations should yield a... More information
The framework Enumerations provides a solid baseline of features emulating a Java style enumeration structure for .NET. Simple Ordinal based Enumerations are supported, as are more complex Flags-like Bitwise Enumerations.
Enumerations tests framework is provided as an NUnit based framework sufficient to exercise the majority of boilerplate issues concerning both Ordinal as well as Bitwise Enumerations.