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Apache Ignite LINQ Provider
LINQ Provider for Apache Ignite Query distributed in-memory data in a strongly-typed manner and with IDE support! All Ignite SQL features are supported: distributed joins, groupings, aggregates, field queries, and more. Supports .NET 4+ and .NET Core 2.0+. More info:... More information
Windows Data and Analytics Shared Code - JSON Processing
Are you doing simple read and write tasks with JSON.NET (or even System.Runtime.Serialization.Json)? Do you want to partially process your JSON payload? Are you running it in a tight loop? Are you wondering why there's so much pressure on the garbage collector? Do you want something even faster? If... More information
The SmartAPI can reduce development cost upto 40% for any Dot Net projects. Developers do not need to write any code for API. This API can handle all CRUD operations by simply decorating the DTO object. Click on Project Site link to get Step by Step implementation guide.
Windows Data and Analytics Shared Code - Text Processing
Do you deal with lots of text in managed code? Are you running up against cases where StringBuilder doesn't have the right performance? Did you ever wonder why there's no .NET string equivalent to ArraySegment? If so, then this package might be right for you.
Microsoft Data and Analytics Shared Code - Hash Algorithms
Do you need a simple non-cryptograhic hash algorithm? Do you not want to rely on the internals of GetHashCode()? Do you want to run a hash in a tight loop with low allocation overhead? If so, then this package might be right for you.
This client library allow you compress your data, string or bytes. Class name: Compression Static methods: byte[] Compress(byte[] bytes) byte[] Decompress(byte[] bytes) string Compress(string text) //default Unicode string Decompress(string text) //default Unicode string Compress(string text,... More information