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  • last updated 1/15/2020
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System.Collections.Generic Extension, Follow Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 Version Description 1.1.0 Add Page function for IEnumerable. 1.0.0 Add Reduce function for IEnumerable. 0.x Add Refresh function for IList.
Microsoft.Extensions.FileProviders.Physical Extension Version Description 0.2.2 upgrade pakage. 0.2.1 Fix bug for SubfolderChangeWatcher. 0.2.0+build.4 Add SubfolderChangeWatcher. 0.1.2 IconUrl to pakageIcon 0.1.1 Degraded dependency version 0.1.0 Add... More information
System Extension, Chinese numeric string to Arabic numeric string. Version Description 0.2.0 Add ToChinese():string for int and long. 0.1.0 Add ToArabicNumeral():string and ReplaceByRegex(pattern:string, replacement:string):string for String. 0.2.0 Add ToChinese