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System.Memory.dll 扩展。 增加一个新的BufferPool。 增加一些Span流转换常用类型。
ListPool and ValueListPool are optimized allocation free implementations of IList using ArrayPool. Changelog: * We made public the method EnsureCapacity ListPool is the general use of the implementation, we recommend to use ListPool for most of the cases. ValueListPool is the... More information
A WPF control to provide a human-friendly way to select a date range. It shows two date pickers, list of range types, buttons to step back and forth. E.g. for the "Month To Date" range type, if today is 5/24/2017, the step back will be the period from 4/1/2017 to 4/24/2017.
Immutable versions of `Memory<T>` and `Span<T>`, because `ReadOnlyMemory/Span` doesn't imply the underlying memory won't be mutated. These types take sole ownership of the underlying memory and only provide a non-mutating API which closely resembles `ReadOnlyMemory/Span`.
SpanString is an optimized string data structure built from Memory<char> and Span<char> added in .NET Standard 2.1+ and .NET Core 3.0+. It allows you to gather string segments from the memory of other strings to act as a single string. This can be useful for applications where millions of strings... More information