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This package includes networking helpers such as: - NetworkRequestManager for handling an HTTP network request queue with success and error callbacks. - NetworkRequest instances for simplifying JSON GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE requests.
This package includes UI components for UWP and Uno such as: - Control for simplifying visibility and retrieving child elements.
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  • last updated 7/31/2021
  • Latest version: 1.3.0-pre1
  • MADE Threading Timer
This package includes threading helpers such as: - Timer for providing an easier to use alternative to the System.Threading.Timer.
This package includes runtime helpers such as: - WeakReferenceCallback for providing an approach to callbacks with a WeakReference. - WeakReferenceEventHandler for providing an approach to event handlers with a WeakReference.
This package includes automated testing helpers such as: - CollectionAssertExtensions for providing improvements to running automated tests on collections.
This package includes collection helpers such as: - ObservableItemCollection for providing an ObservableCollection that manages both collection changed and item property changed events. - GenericEqualityComparer for providing a simple IEqualityComparer for objects.