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Allows for messagebox style dialogs to be called from your shared/PCL/MVVM code - Action Sheet (multiple choice menu) - Alert - Confirm - Date - Loading - Login - Progress - Prompt - Toast (Snackbars) - Time On android, be sure to call UserDialogs.Init() before using! Supported Platforms - iOS... More information
An implemention for v4 of the Bot Build .NET SDK of the Microsoft.Bot.Builder.Location dialog project built for Bot Builder v3. An open-source location picker control for Microsoft Bot Framework powered by Azure or Bing Maps REST services. This control will allow a user to search for a location,... More information
This dialog allows you to provide the user with a series of guides choice prompts in turn (defined in a JSON file or as a collection of ChoiceFlowItem objects), similar to when calling a telephone line with a series of automated options. You receive their last choice as a result from the dialog and... More information
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Утилиты для Windows и базовые окна для построения интерфейса на WinForms
Set of ready to use common dialog boxes and components based on the MVVM pattern for WPF/xaml applications. Provide also a basic MVVM framework with a back-end application controller. See the gitHub repository and wiki: https://github.com/yvlawy/MoellonToolkit. See the blog to have more... More information