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C# Proquint implementation. A Proquint is a PRO-nounceable QUINT-uplet of alternating unambiguous consonants and vowels.
A simple .NET Core global tool that can generate any number of v3 (MD5 hashed), v4 (random), or v5 (SHA-1 hashed) GUID/UUIDs. It can also generate Xcode identifiers suitable for storyboard/XIB files. It supports a number of formatting options as well.
A parsing/validation library for various identifiers used in Czech Republic, e.g. IČO (identifier number for legal persons), rodné číslo (birth number), číslo účtu (bank account number).
A LongGuid solution with 512 bits per identifier as opposed to the default 128 bits.
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Universally Unique Lexicographically Sortable Identifier