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  • dotnet tdd mock http
A lightweight http server for mocking web services and REST resources
Adds relational support to the Microsoft EntityFrameworkCore in-memory database provider by mocking relational operations. EntityFrameworkCore.Testing v1.x = EntityFrameworkCore 2 (2.1.0+) EntityFrameworkCore.Testing v2.x = EntityFrameworkCore 3 EntityFrameworkCore.Testing v3.x =... More information
SystemWrapper is a library that wraps .NET classes for system resources like System.IO.FileInfo, System.Reflection.Assembly, and many other classes so you can easily mock them. This particular build of SystemWrapper is strongly-named from revision 94877.
stubby by: mrak
A small server for stubbing external systems during development.
Micro document database with a focus on visibility & simplicity. The same 35kb dll is used for: - Saving data to text file(s) locally - Optionally hosting and connecting to a HTTP Embark server - Optional runtime-only persistence for unit testing/mocks - Doesn't force any ID or [Attribute]... More information