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The package contains a BaseController and BaseViewModel used for route-hijacking in umbraco. ========================================================================= This package is part a set of smaller modules that I have found useful when working with umbraco. Other packages... More information
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  • Kay Base Class
Serialization of Exceptions project contains common classes for DTO purposes during exceptions serialization and deserialization in an exception handling. In case of a business error, the DTO BadRequestError reflect CoreException properties that can be displayed externally; in case of a system... More information
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  • Data Base Table
برای آسان سازی ساختاری در کار با دیتا
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  • AspNetCore API Base
The Andgasm API.Core library provides generalised base classes that can be utilised by any Web API controller; Request helpers
Common.Xamarin.ViewModel - Common Base Class for ViewModels that implements the INotifyPropertyChanged interface and provides some convenience methods to notify when a property has changed and includes a simple IsBusy Property which can be inherited since it is a common viewmodel property.
Base package for optimized operations on arrays. Uses Intel's MKL library to provide the main operations on arrays.
Foundational classes and functionality for managing data, independent of storage mechanism. Includes base routines for CRUD operations, including paginated result set, view models, and communicating errors.
This is a project to create a good discord bot base for everyone wanting a simple way to create a good bot