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Enables smooth ORM like integration between Cassandra and C# Support for Select, Add, Update using c# reflection In addition support for numeric calcualtions such as Min/Max/Average/Sum
Execom IOG database for .NET
Immutable Object Graph database for .NET has following goals: * enable native .NET objects to be stored anywhere * thread safe objects using isolated workspaces * multiple versions of the data * object database for embedded and medium scale systems * zero-configuration code first entity modelling *... More information
CQLSharp.Linq - Linq-2-Cql provider for interacting with a Apache Cassandra database
CqlSharp.Linq contains a Linq-to-Cql provider for use with the Apache Cassandra database. Main features are: * Translation of Linq queries to CQL select statements. * All CQL functions are supported, as well as tokens and the allow filtering clause. * Consistency and Paging... More information
CQLSharp.Nlog - An NLog log provider for CqlSharp
An NLog logging extension to process CqlSharp logs through the NLog library. CqlSharp is a high performance, asynchronous Cassandra CQL binary protocol client implementing the ADO.NET data provider interfaces. See https://github.com/reuzel/CqlSharp/wiki for details.