This package you can use to encrypt and decrypt your database connection string. We are using public key and private key. Follow some steps to use the package: 1. Create a public key in your system like "#02837-2908sljsl1ALSJ-299SN-292830K#$&" 1. Encrypt your connection using the package using the... More information
Do you have any data to check? NIP NIF CPF CNPJ Date Number Decimal Hour Money Card URL Email :::: Return data of the string :::: ReturnLetters ReturnSymbols ReturnLetterOrDigit ReturnPunctuation ReturnWhiteSpace ReturnUpperCase ReturnLowerCase ReturnSeparator So, this framework is for you.
DatteFormatter Framework that helps to format the date. Framework 1.0.2 brings the date in full format in several different languages. We have many methods to use about date. We will have in future versions more methods that help you to work with date. Any doubts, please let me know by my web site... More information
CriptQuery was used to help you with parameters in the URL. Crypt and Decrypt URL in safe mode. You can see how to use here --> The library that helps you to convert any CSV file to a JSON string. You need to pass the path file and all the rest the library will do for you. You are going to receive the big string in JSON format. Code example: var main = new Main(); var result =... More information