Object Flattener Recomposer
Blog: Provides functionality to flatten complex objects into EntityProperty dictionary and functionality to recompose original complex object from the flattened property dictionary. One usage is that the... More information
Azure StorageException Parser
Extension class for Azure StorageException to extract usefull information embedded inside the StorageException object by Azure Storage services on a failed request. Provides StorageException extension methods to extract: - ErrorCode - ETag - ExtendedErrorMessage - FailedOperationIndex (of... More information
Azure TableEntityAdapter
Adapter class to allow reading and writing simple and complex POCO objects to azure table storage without inheriting from TableEntity class or implementing ITableEntity interface. POCO class you want to write to table storage can have multiple layers of nested complex properties and can be a struct.... More information
Sets the value to a property of an object by its path from the root. The object can be a complex object and the property can be multi level deep nested property or it can be a property directly under the root. ObjectWriter will find the property using the property path parameter and update... More information
WCF DataContract Serializable TableEntity
DataContract Serializable TableEntity base class that implements azure table storage ITableEntity interface. For the classes that need to be written to table storage, all that is required is to inherit from this base class and that s all. TableEntity class in the client SDK can be used as a base... More information