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microgear-csharp is a client library for C# The library is used to connect application code or hardware with the NETPIE Platform's service for developing IoT applications. For more details on the NETPIE Platform, please visit https://netpie.io
This package contains methods of sending and getting data using DasData platform. DasData is secure and reliable way to store and share datasets using HTTP services in between several clients and applications. DasData is like a distributed database with json/xml capabilites.
DMX Azure IotHub Signup Helper
Allows super easy sign up and message receiving from Azure Iot Hub. Two lines of code requried: var suh = new SignUpHelper(connString); suh.OnIotHubMessageReceived += Suh_OnIotHubMessageReceived1; DeviceId is generated automatically, however you can provide one as well.
Core Library for Karamunting.Android.TonyoFrancis.Fetch2
Simple, powerful, customizable file download manager library for Android