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Tired of slow .NET Reflection API? This package will let you get rid of this overhead by replacing Reflection calls with much faster delegates. This package contains set of methods for creating delegates for accesing public, internal, protected and private members (fields, properties,... More information
This package ultimately lets you constrain generic type parameters to the `System.Delegate` type. Just replace the problematic constraints and types with the `Ark.IDelegate` stubs which are wiped away without a trace after the assembly is compiled. If you try to write `class MyClass<T> where T :... More information
Simple undo/redo service based on the memento pattern. It uses delegates to get and set state. You can use different services to track different parts of the application state. The main advantage of this is that you don't have to store the whole of the application state on every change.
A C# library for managing, creating, and binding to CLR delegates at runtime. Also includes partial application for delegates such as Func<> and Action<> types.