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Package provides functionality to build GridView based on your model items collection. Grid.Mvc support sorting, filtering and paging your data.
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  • Latest version: 3.0.6
  • Range Generic
A class which defines a range for a Generic type.
Common functionality for .Net applications - generic repository interface, helper methods for working with attributes, built-in types, etc.
Provides .NET native array imaging extensions. Color-spaces and channel depth conversion is included. Implements slim generic image class when fast pixel manipulation is needed. To get compatibility for other image types install appropriate extension - NuGet package (e.g.... More information
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Common code used on many company's projects
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  • generic repository
Instead of an onerous writining all the Include(x => x.PropName) methods when eager loading an entity in EF Core, this package allows user to mark entity's properties with the [Include] attribute and then include all those properties by using DbSet's IncludeMarkedProperties() method.