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Automatically force your ClickOnce app to update itself without prompting the user, making a less obtrusive end-user experience, and guaranteeing they are always using the latest version of the application. Adds a post-build event to the project to run a PowerShell script that updates the ClickOnce... More information
A helper library for managing updates to ClickOnce-deployed applications. Provides a fully-fledged ViewModel for use in WPF apps allowing for granular control and visibility into application updates. This library is built around the standard System.Deployment update mechanisms.
DLL designed to ease transition of ClickOnce applications from .NetFramwork to .Net by providing a unified library to both .NetFramework and .Net5 projects that utilize ClickOnce. Provider has been designed to mimick System.Deployment.ApplicationDeployment class. Depending on the target framework,... More information