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Public cypher package for hashing data in a convenient and secure way as well as symmetric and asymmetric encryption methods. On-line documentation at https://cypherapi.asp-waf.com/ You can learn more about this product at https://www.asp-waf.com/
Reporting interface for the firewall and the windows to support logging to disk as well as start Post-Reporting work-flows like PowerShel scripts or executables. The Package extends the reporting functionality to NuGet package Walter.Web.Firewall.Core and is easily activated by dependency injection... More information
The application firewall that can be used in .NET 5.0, .Net CORE 3.1 and .NET standard 2.1 applications that would benefit for protection against several types of attacks and is easily activated by service integration. services.AddFireWall(FireWallTrail.License, FireWallTrail.DomainKey... More information