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SimpleLogging.NLog: an NLog logging service for SimpleLogging.
Used with SimpleLogging, this provides you with a quick, simple and easy way to log messages with NLog. A common use of this is to send messages to an NLog viewer like Sentinel to get live (streamed) logging messages. Also includes a simple way to programatically turn on/off an... More information
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Simple and easy to use the log class library package
.NET Logging Library
The highest performing, most powerful, most flexible and easiest to use logging framework available. Features: Binary Attachment Logging, Real Time Monitoring with Log4View or Chainsaw, Many Target Types, Flexible Configuration, Log Viewer, Config Editor, and much more.
.NET logging framework for Selenium Webdriver users. It can output to text and/or console and/or seleniumlog.viewer (can hold screenshots) formats. It has compatible interface to Log4Net (ie., log.Info(), log.Debug(), log.Error(), log.Fatal(), log.Warning()).