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KDBush - fast spatial index for points, based on JS implementation https://github.com/mourner/kdbush
  • 420 total downloads
  • last updated 1/31/2018
  • Latest version: 1.0.5
  • rtree spatial index
RTree - fast spatial index. From https://github.com/enyim/RTree, based on JS implementation https://github.com/mourner/rbush
A Bitmap library (think BitArray or Bit Index, not bmp) written in C# with more functionality than the .NET default.
LIFTI provides a simple API that allows you to build a searchable full text index. This can be useful for document retrieval or simply allowing .NET objects to be searched for by associated text.
CSharpQuery is a fast, internationalized, multi-threaded, full text search engine. It supports thesaurus lookup, diacritic and cyrillic characters, result ranking, standardized word breaking, and more. It's extremely easy to get up and going; simply add the key/values during indexing and get the... More information