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    • last updated 8/24/2023
    • Latest version: 1.7.0
    • C# persistent queue
    A thread-safe, multi-process(ish) persistent queue, based very heavily on http://ayende.com/blog/3479/rhino-queues-storage-disk . Stores serialised data to the local file system for reading either later or... More information
  • A distributed contracts-based sender/handler messaging system built on RabbitMQ and BearBones-Messaging
  • A HTTP client that can accept a reasonable level of invalid protocol from servers. This is a blocking, synchronous library that uses only .Net sockets, not WebClient or HttpWebRequest, and has a lot of... More information
    • 33,441 total downloads
    • last updated 7/10/2023
    • Latest version: 2.7.5
    A simple and small JSON (de)serialisation library, focused on simple interactions with contract-based workflows.
    • 32,703 total downloads
    • last updated 3/14/2014
    • Latest version:
    • file path system io
    A File path library that is less wrong-headed than System.IO.Path
  • A process host for Windows (Vista and later) that is more reliable and flexible than System.Diagnostics.Process
  • Integration test harness for ASP.Net MVC 5. Allows you to fully integration test an MVC web project without needing to host under IIS or similar. Allows access to both server state and client responses in a... More information
  • Library to load, host and run ASP.Net websites inside your own process. Has functionality equivalent to the IIS Developer server. Can expose IP ports or keep sites internal to your process. Supports .Net MVC... More information
  • An extension that helps with building installers for .Net applications and websites with WiX. It's like Heat, but simpler and more focused for .Net development.
    • 24,331 total downloads
    • last updated 8/30/2019
    • Latest version: 1.8.1
    BearBones messaging: lower-level framework, part of a contract-interface based distributed event framework for .Net
    • 23,993 total downloads
    • last updated 6/13/2014
    • Latest version: 1.4.1
    BearBones messaging: lower-level framework, part of a contract-interface based distributed event framework for .Net
  • A library to make multi-threaded dispatch code more testable. Models a job dispatch pattern and provides both threaded and non threaded implementations.
    • 15,760 total downloads
    • last updated 4/24/2019
    • Latest version: 1.0.2
    A minimal set of annotations for JetBrains' Resharper. Supports .Net standard 1.0 and above.
    • 12,952 total downloads
    • last updated 3/20/2019
    • Latest version: 1.3.1
    • HTML XML
    A simple C# generator for HTML/XML Why? Sometimes you have a project where a lot of code is needed to output a little markup. For those projects, markup templating engines make things more difficult, and a lot... More information
    • 9,463 total downloads
    • last updated 5/14/2018
    • Latest version: 1.0.1
    Tiny object proxying tools for C#
    • 8,079 total downloads
    • last updated 4/25/2022
    • Latest version: 1.0.2
    A reasonable and reliable way to run C# async tasks synchronously, without risking deadlocks.
  • A simple library that helps keep a Hub and it's C# clients in sync, using shared strongly typed contracts (i.e. Interface types and their methods and properties)
  • Object-Tree validation tools. Simple and readable validation of the structure and data of any object tree. Validation assertions can be either INamedPredicates or NUnit assertion constraints.
  • A log message management system and exploration UI, in a similar vein to Swagger. Contains an expressive templating system.
    • 6,878 total downloads
    • last updated 3/10/2021
    • Latest version: 1.0.3
    ClosedXML Lite is a .NET standard library for reading, manipulating and writing Excel 2007+ (.xlsx, .xlsm) files. No graphics support