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Using Postsharp Aspects to make your MVVM Cross code smaller, more understandable and maintainable, Mvx Waving is a set of Aspects designed for meanly for MVVM Cross Apps which will make your life easier.
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Create state machines and lightweight state machine-based workflows directly in .NET code
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This Package contains a helper async builder that allow building AsyncEnumerable from Paged datasource and list of tasks
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  • Redux Redux.NET<
A fork of original developed by (GuillaumeSalles) Redux.NET is a predictable state container for .NET apps. Inspired by
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This package constains extension methods that allow data binding on IAsyncEnumerable by allowing IAsyncEnumerable to be exposed as ISupportIncrementalLoading observable collection
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An Image Processing library for uwp based on Lumia sdk and Win2d that expose fluent api in order to draw and manipulate visuals
Although postsharp has declared before that they do not support xamarin anymore , it still can be used with dot net standard that gave us some home that we still can move out the boilerplate code from our track , keep our code bases clean and readable. This repository should contains postsharp... More information
A MongoDb implementation of the Orleans Providers. This includes the Membership (IMembershipTable and IGatewayListProvider), Reminder (IReminderTable), MongoStatisticsPublisher and IStorageProvider providers.