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Written in F# as reusable prime number generation. MIT license open source: https://github.com/ideaflare/Prime-Cache Feedback/Optimizations welcome!
A collection of math functions able to speed up the coding of solutions to Project Euler problems. Written in C# on .NET Core. Visit the GitHub repository for additional informations.
A library for functions used in solving Project Euler problems, along with some basic statistical functions, coded in F# The Project Euler functions cover primes, factorials, narcissism, random numbers, arrays and series/sequences (collatz, terra, Fibonacci). The statistical functions cover... More information
A math library for engineering calculations such as robot kinematics and more. Includes types such as Matrix, Euler Angles, Point, and MathA (Math Advanced). Matrix are better than the standard System.Numerics.Matrix in that they can be created in any size. It is an immutable class like... More information