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.NET library that provides thread-safe collections that automatically remove their elements after a particular time has passed. Each instance of a decaying collection has a timespan specified which is used as a lifespan for its elements.
Wintellect Power Collections is a community project to develop the best public license type-safe collection classes for .NET. Power Collections implements classical data structures (lists, sets, bags, dictionaries) in C#, which are well optimized for performance, and makes heavy use of .NET... More information
KaosCollections is a .NET library that provides generic collection classes for storing elements that are both sorted and indexed. Two of these classes emulate Microsoft's SortedDictionary and SortedSet while delivering superior performance and greatly enhanced capability. Also included are sorted... More information
A .NET library for consuming the Dutch postcodeapi.nu post code database. More information can be found on http://www.postcodeapi.nu. Access tokens can also be requested here. To contribute to the specification of this API, join the guys over at their repo: https://github.com/apiwise/postcodeapi.