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Allows you to screenshot a screen or a portion of the screen. Features: - Supports multiple displays with different scale - Thread-safe Utilities: - Screenshoter.GetPhysicalScreens() // returns all screens rectangles. - Screenshoter.GetPhysicalScreenRectangle() // returns global screen rectangle.
A webpage screenshotting .NET library supporting HTML5/CSS3 and fully integrable into an ASP.NET MVC application. Freezer is a single-dll library, check how to use it at https://github.com/haga-rak/Freezer/wiki
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HisHo.Screenshot 是一个用于Winform与Wpf窗体手动截图的控件。 HisnHo.Screenshot 现已加入Nuget平台。右键您的Vs项目中,选择管理NuGet程序,在搜索框中输入 HinsHo.Screenshot,并安装到您的项目中。 Email: hexuan07@163.com QQ,微信:123862845