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The Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Runtime redistributable package, includes controls for viewing reports designed using Microsoft reporting technology.
Dependent libraries to use Microsoft.ReportViewer in MVC or WebForms. Includes DataVisualization to be able to render chart controls. Works with both MVC and WebForms. includes: Common, ProcessingObjectModel, DataVisualization, WebForms Required on Server Microsoft® System CLR Types for Microsoft®... More information
Syncfusion Report Viewer for JavaScript
The Syncfusion Web Report Viewer is a server-side helper package used to build report viewer compatible ASP.NET Web API service that is used for Essential JS 1 Report Viewer control in Angular and JavaScript platforms. The report viewer control is used to view RDL/RDLC reports within web... More information
ReportViewer for MVC
ReportViewer for MVC is a .NET project that make possible to use an ASP.NET ReportViewer control into an MVC web application. It provides a set of HTML Helpers and a simple ASP.NET Web Form for displaying the ReportViewer within an auto-resized iframe tag (this package is same as original but... More information