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Declare Value Objects in one line e.g. `class ClientRef : ValueOf<string, ClientRef> { }`), create using `ClientRef.From(someString)` The base Type ValueOf<TValue, TThis>, provides Equals, GetHashcode. Use ValueTuples for multi property values e.g `class Address : ValueOf<(string firstLine, string... More information
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Basic blocks for building algorithms and data structures. Commonly used types: • Endpoints • ArrayPrefix<T> • ArrayPrefixEnumerator<T> • IndexedDictionary<TValue> • IndexedSet
This package contains a very simple implementation of a ValueObject in .NET. A ValueObject is a strongly typed (strongly, not stringly) domain object that is immutable. Instead of `int customerId = 42;` we have `var customerId = CustomerId.From(42);` Validation is in just one place. You can't... More information