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OIOSAML.NET is a. Net-based SAML 2.0 toolkit with a reference implementation that complies with the Danish OIOSAML 3.0 profile. The Toolkit can be used by service providers to be included in the joint public single sign-on federation services (NemLog-in).
ASP.NET MVC is supported by the ITfoxtec Identity SAML2 MVC package which helps to integrate the ITfoxtec Identity SAML2 package and add support for SAML-P and SAML 2.0 tokens. Support .NET Framework 4.8 Support message signing and validation as well as decryption is supported. The package... More information
The Identity Saml2 package adds SAML-P support for both Identity Provider (IdP) and Relying Party (RP) on top of the SAML 2.0 functionality implemented in .NET. Support .NET 5.0 Support .NET Core 3.1 Support .NET Standard 2.1 Support .NET Framework 4.6.1 and 4.7.2... More information
Digst.OioIdws.WscCore is a .Net Core based reference implementation of the OIOIDWS 1.1 profile. The Toolkit can be used by clients (e.g. service providers) to act as a Web Service Consumer (WSC).