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  • migrations
Provides set of powershell cmd-lets which allow you to generate incremental scripts and update/revert database. It is inspired by EntityFramework approach.
Sharp migrations is a framework to help you deal with database changes and versioning over time. The idea comes from the excellent Ruby on Rails migrations and it is the best way to alter your database in a structured and organised manner.
Database Deploy is a mechanism for scripting updates to your database. DbDeploy will evaluate a given database for the script version currently installed and then create an update script that will update the database to the latest version, based on your script files. DbDeploy can be run as a... More information
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  • migrations db
Super simple database migrations for .net
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  • Mongo Migrations
Mongo migrations for dot net developers. This is based on the original from phoenixwebgroup, but ported to .NET standard to support both .NET core and .NET framework