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Simple implementation of ICommand Interface and INotifyPropertyChanged Inspired by AngelSix (Luke) youtube channel and Brian Lagunas (Prism) https://github.com/Touseefelahi/Stira.WpfCore
.Net Standard libary which implements ICommand interface and provides Command and AsyncCommand classes that are tipically used to provide commanding behaviour to user interfaces. This particular library does not rely on CommandManager which is part of WPF, therefore it can be used with Xamarin and... More information
A tiny framework for building loosely coupled, and testable WPF application.Including bindable object for MVVM, DelegateCommand, RelayCommand, and implement of dependency injection(IoC Container). 一个简单的MVVM框架, 提供了基本的绑定基类, 手动引发/自动引发命令以及依赖注入的实现, 在代码仓库中有Demo. Enjoy it! 0.0