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ExceptionBase.NET will catch exceptions that may occur in your app and send them to a clearly arranged online interface where you can manage them and view every detail, from the used operating system down to the stack trace. This will allow you to find bugs in your app easier and more quickly.
StatsMix API Client. StatsMix makes it easy to track, chart, and share application and business metrics. View the documentation at http://www.statsmix.com/developers/csharp_nuget and the source at https://github.com/mcclaskc/statsmix_nuget.
C# reference implementation for the EyeTribe Server. The implementation provides a simple C# interface for communicating with the server through the TET API. This allows developers to easily get started and focus their energy on creating innovative and immersive apps using our eye tracking... More information
The Growlytics Notifier for ASP.NET gives you instant notification of exceptions thrown from your Classic ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC applications. Any uncaught exceptions will trigger a notification to be sent to your Growlytics project.
Generate or decode a QR Code using Esponce web service. Users registered on the website have access to additional QR Code tracking features. Supported platforms: .NET 3.5, Silverlight 4, Windows Phone 7, WinRT (Windows 8)