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پۇل تۈرىدىكى سانلىق قىممەتنى ماس قىممەتتىكى ئويغۇرچە خەتكە ئايلاندۇرىدۇ. بۇنى مەن ھازىرغىچە يازغان بارلىق سىستىمىلاردا ئىشلىتىپ كىلىۋاتىمەن. پىكىر تەكلىپ بىرىشىڭلارنى ئۈمىد قىلىمەن. مەسىلەن : 123456789.35 => بىر يۈز يىگىرمە ئۈچ مىلىيون تۆت يۈز ئەللىك ئالتە مىڭ يەتتە يۈز... More information
Enables changing values using mouse drag on TextBox controls using attatched properties. See project site for more information.
Library containing a UInt128 class, and extensions to .Net's built in integral data types. The version targeting .Net 4.5 is implemented as a Portable Class Library. The methods in this library were written with speed in mind. UInt128 operations are generally much faster than BigInteger. Includes an... More information
This package provides common methods used by all other packages especially the most used data structures of the framework. Additionally it provides implementations for debugging assertions, a weak event model and the logging adapter. For more details how to use MARS, please... More information
This package provides helpful methods and algorithms to handle math computing tasks. It contains implementations for vector and matrix models, mutliple distributions and random number generators as well as several generic distance functions. For more details how... More information
The runtime core provides step-based execution for multi-agent simulations in distributed environments as well as polyglot result output with different output types such as (MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, CSV, GeoJson Socket, ...). For furher details please use the... More information
The component contains a versatile and easy-to-use validation, giving dynamism to your application, has a form that takes the auto validate components and enables the auto submit button when the data is valid. They can also be used independently for numbers, string and email. You can receive a label... More information