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MQTT Server and Client Based on SAEA.Socket.SAEA.MQTT基于SAEA.Socket实现的MQTT服务器与客户端 https://github.com/yswenli/SAEA
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  • mqtt
Framework for MQTT application development based on chkr1011/MQTTnet with the .NET Generic Host
A .Net implementation of the MQTT v3 protocol compatible with .Net FX 3.5 and higher.
A MQTT Core for .NET Core and Xamarin written as .NET Standard 1.3 Library. Adopted from the M2Mqtt Library created by Paolo Patierno.
This is a MQTTnet wrapper. Usage example: Client = new MQTTClient(<settings>); Client.ClientConnected += (t, p) =>{ t.Subscribe<<your object>>(<topic>, (t, p) => { <code> }); }; The method handlig the NewMessage is a parameter of Subscribe.
A simple way to Publish the values of a TC2/3 PLC variables to a MQTT Broker. To use just var adsMqtt = new Ads2Mqtt() and Start() and to configure it just use the NEL.AppConfig UI that automatically runs at runtime. Other way is to use the package [NEL.AppConfig.Client] to make your own... More information