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  • WhatIsMyApi IP API
A strongly typed client/proxy for the WhatIsMyApi.com API. At the time this is published, you must have a Gold membership to receive an API token.
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  • nancy ip lock
IP Locking for Nancy to restrict/allow access from certain IP addresses
Provides IP (IPv4 *and* IPv6) mappings to countries. This project provides the IP2CountryResolver and entities and other baseclasses and interfaces. It can be used with many (custom or provided) datasources like the databases from DB-IP, IP2IQ, IPToASN, Ludost, Markus-Go, Maxmind, WebNet77 and the... More information
Simple free client for getting geolocation data from public API (freegeoip.net, db-ip.com, ip-api.com)
Allows easy IP address access filtering by simply adding an attribute to MVC controller or controller action. It supports: - single IP address filtering - multiple IP address filtering - single IP address range filtering - multiple IP address range filtering - a list of roles with linked IP... More information