• Cross-platform FreeType bindings for C#.
    • 54,479 total downloads
    • last updated 4/18/2013
    • Latest version:
    • opencv OpenCVSharp
    OpenCVSharp package
    • 6,709 total downloads
    • last updated 3/24/2013
    • Latest version:
    • canvas
    A C# implementation of html5 canvas API. Works on .Net and Mono using Cairo.
  • Simple C# library to detect percentage of skin in image. It use opencv and OpenCVSharp to do this (CvAdaptiveSkinDetector).
    • 3,118 total downloads
    • last updated 4/22/2013
    • Latest version: 0.1.0
    nBayes (based on Paul Graham's spam filter) makes it easy to introduce statistics based decision making into your application. Whether it's spam filtering, or something else like artificial intelligence learning ... this tool can do it. The project is written in C#