SimpleHelpers.ObjectDiffPatch (C# - Source file)
Simple Object Comparer that generates a Diff between objects and is able to Patch one object to transforms into the other. Uses Newtonsoft Json.Net for Diff and Patch. Note: this nuget package contains C# source code and depends on .Net 4.0.
Lz4.Net (x86/x64)
Lz4.Net is a wrapper of the Lz4 lib (version r98): LZ4 is a very fast lossless compression algorithm, providing compression speed at 300 MB/s per core, scalable with multi-cores CPU. It also features an extremely fast... More information
SimpleHelpers.NamedLock (C# - Source file)
Synchronization helper: a static lock collection associated with a key. NamedLock manages the lifetime of critical sections that can be accessed by a key (name) throughout the application. It also have some helper methods to allow a maximum wait time (timeout) to aquire the lock and safelly release... More information
SimpleHelpers.SQLiteStorage (C# - Source file)
Simple key value storage using sqlite (C# - Source file). All member methods are thread-safe, so a instance can be safelly be accessed by multiple threads. All stored items are serialized to json by Note: this nuget package contains c# source code and depends on .Net 4.0.
Amazon S3 Helper
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  • AWS S3
Simple lightweight AWS S3 Helper. Simplify usage of AWS S3 to get, move, put and delete objects.
SimpleHelpers.MemoryCache (C# - Source file)
Simple lightweight object in-memory cache, with a background timer to remove expired objects. Fast in-memory cache for data that are expensive to create and can be used in a thread-safe manner. All stored items are kept in concurrent data structures (ConcurrentDictionary) to allow multi-thread... More information
SimpleHelpers.ConfigManager (C# - Source file)
Simple configuration manager to get and set the values in the AppSettings section of the default configuration file (C# - Source file). Note: this nuget package contains csharp source code and depends on Generics introduced in .Net 2.0.
SimpleHelpers.ObjectPool (C# - Source file)
A simple lightweight object pool for fast and simple object reuse. (C# - Source file) Fast lightweight thread-safe object pool for objects that are expensive to create or could efficiently be reused. Note: this nuget package contains c# source code and depends on System.Collections.Concurrent... More information
SimpleHelpers.TimedQueue (C# - Source file)
Simple lightweight queue that stores data in a concurrent queue and periodically process the queued items. Userful for: * processing items in batches; * grouping data for later processing; * async processing (consumer/producer); * etc. Note: this nuget package contains c# source code and depends... More information